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Water Damage Testimonials

After coming home to find over 2 inches of water in our entire basement, we immediately contacted SERVPRO of East Greenville County. Lee and Arthur arrived within an hour and immediately begin removing water and drying out the space. Time is critical for minimizing the long term damage in these situations, and the SERVPRO response indicated they understood this very well. At one time they had 24 blowers and 6 dehumidifiers running to try and quickly dry the space. Lee clearly communicated what we should expect, and they followed up exactly as they said they would. It took seven days to finish the process, but I feel the SERVPRO team did a great job of mitigating the potential damage this event could have caused. It is comforting to know that in these circumstances when you desperately need professional help that SERVPRO is ready to assist in such a professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone dealing with similar property damage issues, and I would specifically recommend Lee Patrick as he was wonderful to work with throughout this ordeal.

When I called they were here within the hour. They were professional, did the inspection and did not try to sell me anything I didn't need. I would use them again.

Thank you Lee Patrick and crew for the response time and for the professionalism and understanding!

SERVPRO of East Greenville was extremely responsive, effective, and efficient with mitigation of severe water damage I had in my kitchen. Lee and the team were prompt and kept in touch with me throughout the multi-week project.

We were saved by the excellent team of SERVPRO of East Greenville.

Our condo unit was flooded with water by the unit above on a recent Friday night.

Lee Patrick and Brian from SERVPRO of East Greenville County were called to help with my unit as well as two other units in the building. Lee and Brian came with minutes to help clean up the mess and dry everything out.

They were spectacular in their professionalism, communication, and hard work to mitigate our issue as well as the other owners. Over the next few days they were equally responsive in providing counsel on next steps as well as talking with the insurance company.

In addition, they brought in their boss, John Burns, to give guidance with restoration options. SERVPRO of East Greenville were magnficient in helping us out.

I want to recognize Lee Patrick in particular, who I worked with the most, for his wonderful patience and high standards to do everything right from the minute he stepped into my home.

He was terrific to work and on a scale of "1 to 10" with "10" being excellent, he was a "20."

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This crew of 2 was polite, professional and did an outstanding job!

This team was extremely professional, courteous and always communicative. When there has been damage to your home, and your family's health is at stake, you feel especially vulnerable. The SERVPRO team that assisted us made sure we always knew what was going on with the process, and was friendly and even took proper precautions in regards to COVID. In the end, the work was done thoroughly and efficiently, with minimal downtime for our family. Highly recommend using SERVPRO of East Greenville County!

Bryan was so kind and knowledgeable. It was so nice having someone explain the whole process and make it less stressful. I highly recommend SERVPRO and Bryan!

I needed urgent service due to flooding. The team was able to come in the very same day I called the office. The entire team was very courteous and professional. One of the team members, Duvon, was very helpful. He kept me updated everyday and informed me what to expect the following day.

These guys came in swift, got the job done, and were back out. They took the time to explain every step before they did it and made sure I understood.

Thanks to Duvan and SERVPRO for a seamless repair.  He was extremely professional and helped me keep my cool through an emergent water leak.

I was very satisfied with SERVPRO’s quick response and thorough completion in our emergency.

I called SERVPRO for some water damage we had in our crawl space under our house. They were prompt and showed up on time to do an inspection and then provide me with a solution and pricing. The crew showed up in an efficient manner and got to work. They accomplished everything they said they would do and even extended the time frame originally estimated to do the job to ensure it was done right. They did this without going up on the price that was originally given to me. The on-site supervisor communicated well throughout the process and was respectful and responsive. I would highly recommended SERVPRO of East Greenville.

Had a crawl space fill up with water because my sump pump was broken.  Jacen from SERVPRO came out and fixed the issue in under an hour and did a great job.

Bryan, Jacen and crew arrived quickly, assessed the damage and went to work drying our copy room out.  Excellent service and workmanship.

Saved the day at our business when blockage on main road back backed up into our building - lightning fast response time, skilled, professional, and insurance approved for a speedy resolution.

From start to finish this team did an excellent and professional job.  Our damage from a tornado and massive storm was handled with exceptional knowledge and professionalism.  They completely took care of every detail!  I will most certainly call them again should the need arise.  Every person that came to work in our home from their company was top notch!  Trustworthy folks!  Give them a call!

Needed last minute water clean up, Kelly and Ginger were able to get Bryan and his crew out quickly.  Excellent Service and a job well done!

We had wet carpet from a small water leak, so called SERVPRO to get their opinion on how to move forward.  Johnathan came to the house within about 2 hours to take a look.  He gave me a few options and explained the pros/cons of several different scenarios.  He said the problem wasn't too serious, so he recommended we save some money and clean it up ourselves, as long as we were comfortable doing that.  Hopefully we won't have any more water issues at our house, but if we ever do, I'll certainly call SERVPRO of East Greenville County again.  Johnathan was extremely helpful, kind, professional, and knowledgeable.  Thanks for the great service!

SERVPRO was great.  We had a major roof leak that soaked the carpet.  Called and Brian came out quickly with the dryers and got it dried in no time.  Quick and courteous.

They came to my house after my hot water heater broke.  Very polite and very professional.  Did a great job and came back several times to make sure it was completely dry and not just close.

SERVPRO of East Greenville was quick to respond to our emergency.  Their team was able to thoroughly dry the home we manage and prevent further damage.

Johnathan and the team did a great job after our crawl space flooded.  They responded quickly and did everything they said they would and then some.  I would recommend them to anyone.

After a plumbing disaster in our crawl space, we contacted SERVPRO to take a look at the water damage.  They responded quickly and had a person on site within an hour.  They did a thorough inspection and then went over our options with us.  After deciding on the plan of attack, they worked out the details with our insurance company.  The on-site manager stayed in contact with us and kept us updated on the progress of the job daily.  He answered all our questions thoroughly or to the best of his ability.  I would highly recommend SERVPRO for all water damage restoration needs.

On the day I called their office, Johnathan showed up within 30 minutes, assessed the situation and got a plumber out right away to fix the busted pipe.  The crew of guys came out to start cleaning up the mess left behind within 48 hours.  They took down the drywall, removed cabinets, flooring - everything that was destroyed by the water.  They left fans and dehumidifiers to dry studs.  They came every day to check moisture levels.  They even gave me the name of a contractor they trusted to repair my kitchen, breakfast and laundry rooms.  I would definitely recommend these gentlemen to anyone who needs this service.  Hopefully I'll not have to go through this again, but if I do, I know I'll be giving them a call.

Needed last minute water clean up, Kelly and Ginger were able to get Bryan and his crew out quickly.  Excellent service and a job well done!

I can not say enough good things about SERVPRO. The sprinkler went off in my apartment. Not my error. SERVPRO guys came in and assessed the damage. They had to pack everything and move it out so my apartment could be pained and the carpet replaced.
The professional attitude and service was outstanding. What happened to me was very emotional, and even though it was hard on me, the SERVPRO guys went out of their way to help make things easier and not worry about this out come of my possessions.
Thank you, SERVPRO for everything.

My house was floored and SERVPRO of East Greenville came to my house to assist us. They did a marvelous job, communicated with us on the progress and after they done, they made the garage look decent then it was before. They dried off the water, took their with us and never hurry. They cleaned my house like a forensic team even upstairs where they hardly work on. I entered my house I was like, OMG, praising my wife until she got home and was asking me the same question.
Team is awesome under the leadership of Shawn.
Thank you, for your service.

Excellent experience working with the SERVPRO East Greenville Team. They explained everything in detail, resolved my issue and were very easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Sean and his crew worked expeditiously to remove the wet wood and underlying particle board from our entire house when we were dealing with water damage. They were courteous and professional. I would recommend them for remediation to anyone dealing with an insurance claim.

Their response time was considerably fast. I was very impressed.

They went above and beyond of what we could've asked for! Customer service was amazing!

They were very professional in the cleanup for a water line that busted under my house and did a super job. And very fast and timely. I recommend them for any job.

Thank you! Excellent service! 

I love my SERVPRO guys. Sadly we have had to use them more than once, but they are definitely the guys to call! They come in quick, know their stuff and are as concerned about drying us out as we are.

All along the way, they ensure we understand the what and why of the process and are available for any questions.

Highly recommend!

SERVPRO made what could have been a clean up nightmare a smooth process for me and my family. They were on time and professional each time they arrived at our home. The staff was courteous and took our problem seriously each time we called. Talking to Dylan was the highlight of each day as he was friendly and genuine during each conversation.
my family and I are grateful for the excellent customer service that we .

A downstairs toilet over flowed and we had an inch of water covering our downstairs. I called SERVPRO and they came out within the hour. This was at 8:00 at night. They got all the water up and put a number of large fans around. Over the next few days, they worked tirelessly removing carpet and flooring and drying everything out. I have never seen a group of men work so hard and never stopping. They were professional, knew what they were doing and saved us from a near disaster. I highly recommend them!

Nancy Rates SERVPRO of East Greenville County with all 10's Excellent Job!

Kevin rates SERVPRO of East and West Greenville County All 10's SERVPRO of East and West Greenville County was Very Helpful, the Response Time Was Great, Excellent Job!

Excellent service and work!

Kathy's team was a pleasure to have in our home. Everyone was cheerful and serious about doing his or her best to bring our home back to pristine condition. I would be happy to recommend your company to friends and neighbors!

We have used SERVPRO twice for burst pipes. Excellent service. Prompt and very hardworking. All 10 out of 10s!

Personnel was excellent too work with! All 10 out of 10s!

Super job, professional, stellar service! All 10 out of 10s!

The SERVPRO staff was excellent. All 10 out of 10s!

GREAT TEAM! All 10 out of 10s!

Kathy, Alan, and the other people who worked in my home were professional in all their efforts and my home was well cared for. I was treated with respect and great courtesy. We have already recommended this SERVPRO franchise to other friends, and when the time comes for carpets to be cleaned next spring, I will be calling! All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!

all 9 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!

All but 1 were 10 out of 10s. Customer felt that we got a 7/10 for not being clear on how long the equipment would be in the home.

Johnathan, Lando and Jason were so great to work with, they treated our home with respect. We would recommend them gladly!

Your people did an excellent job! All 10 out of 10s!

Thanks for your quick response! Great job! All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!

Ms Ferguson would DEFINITELY use us again and would DEFINITELY recommend us to friends and family!

Just keep up with the great work and work and professional approach! Great people, friendly attitude, very responsive, all 10 out of 10s!


"Great job and attitude in dealing with situation" All 10 out of 10s!

Great attention was paid to the job, which gave us great confidence that we received a thorough job and would be glad to recommend to others.

They where very courteous, their word was their word; I would recommend them to anyone!

All 10 out of 10!

Completely satisfied!

Completely satisfied!

Completely satisfied! All 10 out of 10s!!

Completely Satisfied!


These men did an excellent job as of this report! All 10 out of 10s!

Alan and Jason couldn't have been nicer or more helpful in everything they did! All 10 out of 10s!

I had to circle ALL 10s as the guys were good at their jobs. The sewer overflowed, happened late Wednesday Night, some guys came in, sprayed, all my fans etc equipment set up in 2 hours. Also, Alan came back Fri, Sat, and Sunday to check on my status.

Alan could not have been better to us. He went as far as to wash our clothes that were on the floor, dry them, Fold them and return them to us. Anyone else would have thrown them away. Thank You!

Editors note: Alan brought the clothes back to the shop, where the Fair Melissa and Katherine washed, dried, and folded the clothes for Alan to return.

All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!!

All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!!

All 10 out of 10s!!

All 10 out of 10s!!

I could not have been more impressed! Jason S. exemplified the professional person anyone would welcome into his or her home. He was always polite, extremely professional and concerned that I understood all conditions and procedures.

All 10 out of 10s!!

Completely Satisfied!

Completely Satisfied!

All 10 out of 10!

All 10 out of 10!

All 10 out of 10!

All 10 out of 10!

Completely Satisfied!

Completely satisfied!

All 10 out of 10s!!

all 10 out of 10s!!

All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!

Al 10 out of 10s!

All Perfect Scores! SERVPRO of East Greenville County was very helpful!

Our business in Downtown Greenville needed immediate cleanup, Great JOB to SERVPRO of E. Greenville! I spoke with Angela K. who had a team out within hours so that we never missed a beat in our service to our Clients. Everyone we worked with was extremely client focused. They kept in contact and worked around our clients to ensure the best care for us as, as well as our clients too. There are several SERVPRO franchises in Greenville County. Call SERVPRO of E. Greenville county!

All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s!

Completely satisfied!

Completely satisfied!

Wow, you all are 100% more thorough than the last SERVPRO I used! Thank you!!! Sending a check out today!

Highest ratings!!

Really liked our staff, very high grades!

Completely satisfied

Kathy was so helpful through this process! She made sure that everything was easy to handle! I appreciate both her professionalism and being so personable!

I had heard good things about SERVPRO and were satisfied with there services. I am very likely to refer SERVPRO of East Greenville County to a friend!

All 10 out of 10s!!

All 10 out of 10s!

All 10 out of 10s

Completely Satisfied!

All 10 out of 10s!

Highest ratings in all categories!

Bryan was great to work with! He was timely and attentive to our situation. All 10s!

All 9s and 10s!!

SERVPRO of East Greenville County was a source of knowledge and comfort during a hectic and disappointing time. We are Grateful for their expertise and professionalism, we will recommend them to all!

All 10 out of 10s!

What Recommendations would you have to help the SERVPRO Franchise improve its performance in the future?

Honestly-they were Great!

Great Communication and detail!

This was the second time I've used SERVPRO. SERVPRO employees were very efficient, friendly, and did a great job!